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Welcome to Loose Lugs - a home for your reading pleasure of NASCAR fan fiction on the world wide web. Discerning tastes such as yours will find a bevy of delectable morsels upon which you may dine.

"Why 'Loose Lugs'" you ask? Well, to begin with, we're all a little off our rocker arms to read and write stories based on racecar drivers! How many times have you heard a driver shout "I've got a vibration!"? And what's usually the cause of said vibration? Yep, loose lugs. Besides, it's sorta cool to call each other 'lugnut'.

Please, take a moment and leave the authors feedback - even if it's just a quick 'like it a lot! post more soon'. They aren't paid to write or post here, so the least we can give them is a little feedback.

Enjoy the Shoutbox too. Use it as a chatroom if you like. It's always open! But remember: if you can't take it, don't dish it out.

Love, peace and rearend grease...



Daytona 500 2016 is Almost Here!


Is it just us, or does it feel like we just saw the Cup Banquet on TV last weekend? Hanukkah came and went, Christmas was more or less a One and Done deal, the ball dropped on 2016, and now, as of today, it's only 35 DAYS UNTIL THE DAYTONA 500!

First things first - let's get some serious bid'ness outta the way around here. Our friends over at FFN, Tara and Penny, closed up shop early/mid December. All of the admin here at Loose Lugs got their start posting stories on FFN (except one, but we won't hold that against her.) We extend our best wishes and hopes for both of them in their future endeavors. Last we heard, they were planning a well-deserved vacation. The offer for them to get back onto the writing circuit and posting here is always open!

With that being said, we have had a major influx of new members here at Loose Lugs! WELCOME, WELCOME TO LOOSE LUGS! (insert Ricardo Montalban's accent and Herve Villechaize's wave here).

One thing that we pride ourselves on around here is FEEDBACK. Good or bad. Preferably good, or at least constructive. If you read something, take a half minute to click 'feedback' and leave a couple of words. That's all we require of our members. Use the Shout Box as you like, lurk, read anonymously - but please leave feedback. It's the only 'payment' any writer gets.


If you've written/have a WIP using non-NASCAR related entities (RP actor, athlete, singer, or an actor's specific tv/movie character, or even completely original characters), there is a home for it here at Loose Lugs. Just be sure to select "NON-NASCAR STORIES" from the drop-down menu when posting. Easy peasy!

If you have any problems or questions, don't hesitate to hit up the Shout Box or the 'Contact Us' link.

We hope to see the coffers fill with your works very, very soon!


Until next time -

Love, Peace, and Axle Grease,



~~ Lughead on December 29, 2014 2:44 PM 1 Comments ~~

02/07/16 02:27 am
Also, *embarrassed
02/07/16 02:26 am
Don't know why that last shout duplicated - all I did was refresh the page. *is embarrased* If someone could delete it, that'd be great.
02/07/16 02:25 am
Just read Chapter 1 and left a review, Tori! (I said "would have liked" in it because I didn't realize that the first chapter wasn't the whole thing until I sent it. My apologies.)
02/07/16 01:41 am
Just read Chapter 1 and left a review, Tori! (I said "would have liked" in it because I didn't realize that the first chapter wasn't the whole thing until I sent it. My apologies.)
02/05/16 10:27 am
Hey guys! I am a little late to the game here! I'm back and happy to see all of you on this site!
Sequin Trackmore
01/31/16 07:35 am
You're not seeing things- I actually added the next chapter in Speedway Spiral. Your reads & reviews are always welcome. Thanks for following the story.
Sequin Trackmore
01/30/16 01:43 am
Updated Speedway Spiral. Your comments/ reviews always welcomed. I've had some things going on & haven't been great about responding, but everything you ask or say matters to me. Thanks for re
Sequin Trackmore
01/27/16 09:15 pm
New chapter posted in Speedway Spiral. Youre reviews are always welcome.
Sequin Trackmore
01/25/16 12:45 am
Updated Speedway Spiral. Enjoy, and thanks as always for your comments and encouragement as I continue working on this story.
01/24/16 10:56 am
Chapter 7 of both Little Moments and Remind Me have been updated!
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