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Welcome to Loose Lugs - a home for your reading pleasure of NASCAR fan fiction on the world wide web. Discerning tastes such as yours will find a bevy of delectable morsels upon which you may dine.

"Why 'Loose Lugs'" you ask? Well, to begin with, we're all a little off our rocker arms to read and write stories based on racecar drivers! How many times have you heard a driver shout "I've got a vibration!"? And what's usually the cause of said vibration? Yep, loose lugs. Besides, it's sorta cool to call each other 'lugnut'.

Please, take a moment and leave the authors feedback - even if it's just a quick 'like it a lot! post more soon'. They aren't paid to write or post here, so the least we can give them is a little feedback.

Enjoy the Shoutbox too. Use it as a chatroom if you like. It's always open! But remember: if you can't take it, don't dish it out.

Love, peace and rearend grease...



Happy New Year!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


As of today, a few days short of January 1, 2015, we are a mere EIGHT SUNDAYS away from the Daytona 500! I don't know about y'all, but I'm sick of football (college and pro). And basketball (college and pro). And hockey. And the World Series Of Poker. I want my NASCAR, baby!


It's during the off-season that Loose Lugs - as well as the other NASCAR-centric fanfiction sites - sees a dip in both new stories and readers. How can we boost the membership here at LL but keep the quality aspect that we pride ourselves in offering? We're open for suggestions.


Things have been deathly quiet in this neck of the woods lately - so quiet in fact, that, as Head Lugnut In Charge, I've been doing some heavy housecleaning, as it were.


Seems we had a b0t get stuck in our wheel and it jammed the air gun on more than one author's page; took care of that problem, just to find out we haven't had any new stories or updates posted since the All-Star Race!




I am making it my number one New Year's Resolution - to get Loose Lugs out there in the NASCAR fanfiction reading public's eye. What do you think about a Twitter account? If there was one for Loose Lugs, would you follow it for the updates? We could maybe even perhaps gang up on the writer(s) we like and bombard them with PLEASE WRITE MOAR Tweets! Maybe even drag a few of those who've hung up their tablets and laptops out of retirement and come play with us again!


As always, our door is open and we take your comments seriously. Let us know what you think about the Twitter account - or if you have a completely different idea altogether, fill us in!


So, in the time between the gaudy crystal ball falling off the building in NYC's Times Square and when they fire up the engines for Speedweeks 2015 down in Daytona, we'll be seeing you (hopefully) in all the old familiar places!



Love, peace, and rearend grease...

HLIC  (Head Lugnut In Charge)

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08/29/13 05:04 pm
I'm thinking about posting some of my stuff here! (:
Harley Grace
08/13/13 08:45 am
ATTENTION ALL WRITERS!! Take a second and chime in here at the Pit Road Communication block. If you are a writer and post here or WANT to post here, leave a note HERE!
07/15/13 05:57 pm
I'm beyond thrilled that Brian Vickers won yesterday. To say that it's been a long time coming is an understatement. Hopefully he'll have a full time ride next year. :)
06/23/13 11:48 am
Updated a few things. It's been too long. Hope everyone enjoys. :)
Harley Grace
06/09/13 09:13 pm
Hi angel8151 - yes I will be adding many many more chapters. Thanks for the love! Glad you enjoy Lakeside :D
05/29/13 10:44 pm
Harley are you going to be adding more chapters to your Lakesite Contessa story? I really love the story!
Harley Grace
04/23/13 10:45 am
Welcome to our new members! We hope you're enjoying looking around and that you take a second or two (or three) to leave some feedback to our authors!
Harley Grace
03/13/13 06:24 pm
We have closed the "FREE MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION" portion of the website Until Further Notice. If you want to join, you're still allowed! Just drop an email!
12/17/12 01:11 am
Finally posted a new story. It's a little Christmas short that I've been dying to work on. :)
11/07/12 01:36 pm
Hi everyone, just joined... can't wait to read the stories on here :)
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