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Welcome to Loose Lugs - a home for your reading pleasure of NASCAR fan fiction on the world wide web. Discerning tastes such as yours will find a bevy of delectable morsels upon which you may dine.

"Why 'Loose Lugs'" you ask? Well, to begin with, we're all a little off our rocker arms to read and write stories based on racecar drivers! How many times have you heard a driver shout "I've got a vibration!"? And what's usually the cause of said vibration? Yep, loose lugs. Besides, it's sorta cool to call each other 'lugnut'.

Please, take a moment and leave the authors feedback - even if it's just a quick 'like it a lot! post more soon'. They aren't paid to write or post here, so the least we can give them is a little feedback.

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With the membership increasing in our little corner of the fic world, we knew there would be growing pains. Our savvy tech department is working on some snazzy new stuff to help streamline LooseLugs to everyone's enjoyment. So, until they're done with the coding work, there's not much new around here.

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We've joined TWITTER!


Since there was already someone using the username "LooseLug", by simply adding an 's' at the end, we'd run the risk of ticking off the original user. SO, our username is




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For those wanting LooseLugs to have a Facebook page, well, the general consensus in this part of the garage is that Facebook is the debil! More than one of the admins around here have been roped into neighborhood building and crushing candy and killing zombies in the the backyard, and feel that Twitter is the better of the two social media outlets to utilize. Not unless one of us decides they want to take on the full-time job of FB Airwrench, but don't give up hope just yet.


Until next time -

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~~ Lughead on December 29, 2014 2:44 PM -3 Comments ~~

05/27/17 11:23 am
@kahne9brees9 just deleted another spammer comment on one of my stories before I reported it. Hoping something gets done, these spammers or trolls are getting annoying.
05/25/17 07:09 pm
@Lowesgirl48 I think next time I get a spammy review I'm going to report the person who did it and then delete it.
Elizabeth Macey
05/25/17 11:12 am
New chapter of "A Night to Remember". I have a couple updates half done so more is coming shortly to both stories. As always enjoy and let me know what you think.
05/24/17 03:30 pm
Updated "To Late" and added a new story "I Wanna Be With You" check them out and leave a review! :)
05/24/17 02:19 pm
I do the same but I just wanted to make sure it wasn't just on my stories...Good to know its on other Author's stories as well
05/24/17 10:18 am
I've noticed it too. I just delete the spam reviews...
05/22/17 09:08 pm
Hey is it just me or has anyone else noticed that some members are reviewing stories with Spam or what others would call "Trolls"
05/14/17 05:52 pm
New chapters for All I Need To Know and The NASCAR Diaries
Sequin Trackmore
05/13/17 05:30 pm
New chapter added to Speedway Spiral. Please read & review, thanks.
05/11/17 01:02 pm
Finally an Update for "To Late" check it out and let me know what you think!
Bring On The Rain by wsucougarchick05
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